Blizzard did not specify which cards will be part of Core 2

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Blizzard did not specify which cards will be part of Core 2

Сообщение wangyue36612 Ср сен 14, 2022 7:30 am

This curated set of cards includes some from Classic and Basic, some returning from Wild, and various others WOTLK Gold. It will even include 29 entirely new cards. This will allow Blizzard to bring back older cards that might fit the flavor and synergy for an upcoming year of expansions. You can see the breakdown below.

But notably, unlike the Basic and Classic sets, which remained static in Standard, the Core set will refresh every year, just like expansions rotate in and out of play. So this initial Core set is Core 2021, and a different set of curated cards will be automatically granted to players when Blizzard introduces Core 2022.

Blizzard did not specify which cards will be part of Core 2021, aside from noting some returning Demon Hunter cards and that the Priest's aggressive card Shadowform will make a return.

As part of the announcement, Blizzard also announced it would be retiring the Hall of Fame. This was essentially a repository for Blizzard to selectively pull cards that were becoming a problem for Standard play, either by limiting the design space or just having unforeseen consequences. The Hall of Fame was playable in Wild, but not Standard.

Now, since the Core set will give Blizzard more flexibility to match the playable cards in Standard to its expansion plans, the Hall of Fame will be gone cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. Those cards will be added into a new batch called the Legacy Set, which also houses the Basic and Classic sets. (Blizzard notes a few exceptions; several Witchwood cards with the odd/even mechanic had been moved to the Hall of Fame, and now they'll return to the Witchwood set. And as mentioned, Shadowform will move to the Core set.)

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